From Exchanges to Conexistence/Contribution
Due to our geographical and historical ties with the rest of Asia, Fukuoka City has been a base of exchanges since ancient times, and has prospered through trade with the Asian continent.
Based on our exchanges with the rest of Asia that is undergoing significant development, Fukuoka aims to become an Asian urban city where new cultures are created and disseminated.

There are exchanges between people that go beyond borders or languages.
We want Fukuoka to be more acquainted with the rest of Asia, and we want the rest of Asia to be more acquainted with Fukuoka City.
Asian Month started in 1990 to expand the circle of friendship and exchanges promoted in the Asian Pacific Exposition (Yokatopia) in 1989.
Held every year around September, Asian Month conducts various events centering on culture, art, and academics, in cooperation with a number of organizations and businesses.
Asian Month started in 1990
In the past two decades or so, people of Asia have congregated here, as a place to understand each other's differences. Now, the festival has become well-established as an Asian event in which citizens can easily partake.
With these past achievements at hand, Asian Month will provide an opportunity where true international exchange can take place, through projects promoting co-existence and contribution amongst the people of Asia.
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